3 Powerful Lessons I Learned from My Real Estate Mentor

Last weekend I spent 4 days with my real estate mentors, Robert Helms and Russell Grey, the Real Estate Guys, working on my goals. We were at their 2017 Create Your Future Goals Retreat. I came with my husband and two older kids (21 and 17).

It was intense, somewhat confronting, and wonderful beyond belief.

Three things were really honed in for me during this weekend. As I watched Robert Helms, who is one of the most successful real estate developers and educators in this country, I received these three important lessons:

1. Spending time to get clear on your goals is of utmost importance.

Too many people “hope” things will work out and have some vague idea of what that means for them. They bop around praying the Universe will deliver something, anything they want. Or, more often, they just hope the shoe won’t drop off the other foot. Instead, we can help ourselves so much more by getting crystal-clear clarity and then setting off in that direction.

Even though Robert Helms, and all the very successful people in the room, are super busy. They all know they’re too busy NOT to take time for clarity and assessment.

2. The people you’re around contributes SO MUCH TO YOUR SUCCESS.

Your peer group shapes so much of your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Being around successful, optimistic people is one of the quickest ways to raise your vibration and increase your results.

That’s why my husband and I have invested A LOT this year (time and money-wise) to be around the most successful people we could find and real estate. The return on investment has been exponential. We went from having 1 rental door this time last year to over 1000 doors today! Wow!!! I am still pinching myself! I owe this in large part to being around people who are actually doing the deal.

3. Learn from the masters.

Learn from those who have taken the time and energy to hone their skills, craft, and knowledge so that you can collapse time frames, and avoid costly mistakes. Robert Helms and Russell Grey interview people every week that they say are smarter than them (at least in what they do). This contributes greatly to their fortunes and success.

I went to over 10!?! live seminars last year and did dozens more hours of online trainings. I don’t think I would have been able to do 1/10th of what I’ve accomplished without this training.

If building wealth through real estate is something you’re interested in. We have created something to help you gain clarity, be around incredible, accomplished women in real estate, and learn from masters in the real estate field.

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Monick Halm is a real estate investor with over 11 years of investing experience in single family, multi-family, mobile home parks, flipping, and syndication. She is also a certified interior designer, Feng Shui expert, author, speaker, certified NLP and money coach, attorney, and co-founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses. Monick is passionate about real estate, design, and helping women to thrive.