Women & Wealth – Expert Interview with Barbara Stanny

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I had an incredible expert interview with an idol of mine – Barbara Stanny, a leading authority on women and wealth and bestselling author of Prince Charming Isn’t Coming, Secrets of Six-Figure Women, Overcoming Underearning, and Sacred Success.

Barbara Stanny’s works have helped me to transform my life – especially around money, so I was pretty excited to be interviewing her.  You can probably tell this by the super cheesy perma-grin I’m wearing on my face the entire time we spoke.

Click on the link above to check out this interview.

In the video she shares about:

  • The three levels of financial development
  • What it takes to go from financial survival mode to stability to affluence
  • How women are different from men when it comes to money and success
  • The three factors that make a biggest difference in a women’s experience of wealth, and
  • The four stages of Sacred Success

It is so full of wisdom – Barbara was just dropping golden nuggets every other sentence.  She should be called the Nugget Bomber.

Some of my favorite Barbara Stanny nuggets of wisdom were:

“If you don’t deal with your money, your money will deal with you.”

“As I reread my transcripts [of interviews of 7-figure women], I realized I’d been so dazzled by how much money these women were making, that I completely missed the way they were doing it.  And they were doing it in a very different way in which the world, i.e., men, models.  And suddenly, and during that these four days, I realized this new game they were playing  …was what I called Sacred Success.”

“Sacred Success means pursuing your highest purpose for your own bliss and the benefit of others while being richly rewarded.”

“The primary goal of sacred success is greatness.”

“Greatness is that place where your deep gladness: doing what you were put on this planet to do,  meets the world’s deep hunger.”

“Resistance is going to come.  Don’t let it throw you off your wealth building wagon.”

Let me know what your favorite nuggets of wisdom were from the interview.  Post in the comments.  And get more nuggets of wisdom from Barbara Stanny at her First Monday of every month – it’s a free group coaching call for women around money.  Register for this call at www.barbarastanny.com.