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4 Common Real Estate Investing Myths Debunked

There are myths that plague the world of real estate investment. Some of these do no real harm, but others prevent investors from reaching their full potential. Worse, they can cause missed opportunities and poor decisions when real estate investors buy into misconceptions about the industry. ~Chris Clothier, Memphis Invest Recognizing and challenging any limiting […]

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The 3 Aspects of a Potential Investment Property You Must Consider Before Buying

There are 3 important aspects to a property.  The first two are somewhat obvious, but the third is one that few people think about. The first aspect of a property is its physical characteristics.  This includes things like: square footage, number of units/rooms/bathrooms/etc. amenities (stainless steel appliances, gym, pool, etc) architecture class of property property […]

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What’s Most Important

Somedays you are faced with what’s really important. Yesterday I went with my brother to get chemo.  He was diagnosed with a stage 4 colorectal cancer and has been dealing with this challenge for over 2 years.  [If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, you should check out his inspirational website – Living […]

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The Biggest Factor That Helped Me Buy a $3,075,000 Property – Interview with Kim Somers Egelsee

I have to admit I was scared. I took a deep breath as I signed the check request for $75,000.  If we didn’t get the $3,075,000 we needed to purchase this 77-unit building plus the $500,000 to renovate it, we would lose the $75,000 earnest money.  We had never bought an apartment building before.  Up to this date, […]

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