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03 Mar 2017

Why Discipline is a Dirty Word

Here at Real Estate Investor Goddesses we talk a lot about wealth building, especially when it comes to real estate. It’s our passion and our divine mission to see socially conscious, kind, badass women own a piece of the world – so much so that we both sometimes get swept up into the nuts and bolts of: net worth statements, property repairs and upgrades, and tax meetings with accountants.


We get so caught up, we forget the goddess part of Real Estate Investor Goddesses.


I wish I could say being the living breathing incarnation of the divine means wearing lots of flowing maxi dresses, floral coachella crowns, and skinny dipping on the beach under a full moon -although your goddesshood could totally look like that.

  For me feeling and acting like a goddess is a four part recipe.

  1. Feeling Gratitude

  2. Being Abundant

  3. Giving Generously

  4. Believing in Magic


And the secret ingredient to pull the whole goddess dish together is taking disciplined action.


Discipline, yuck that word sounds so harsh.

 Another word I like to use instead of discipline is ritual.

As in taking ritualistic action.    


Brushing your teeth everyday, that’s a ritual.

 Your morning lemon water, that’s a ritual.

Here’s a peek into my personal daily rituals:

  1. 15 minute morning ritual with rituals for mediation, gratitude, desire, and pleasure

  2. Daily movement (yoga, running, pole)

  3. A time for checking emails (I try to only do this once a day)

  4. A time for social media (I have locks on all my devices so I can only be on social media during a certain time of the day. Game changing for my sanity especially now)

  5. Money making rituals (this is where I make the phone calls, finish the net-worth statement, go to the networking events, have the meetings.) I typically recommend new investors start with these activities first.

  6. Meals. (This is my most pleasurable indulgence. I love to prepare a big lunch and sit down to enjoy it)

  7. Content Creation. Monick and I are running a business that depends on our skills as teachers and leaders. That involves lots of writing, making graphics, taping podcasts, filming videos, and creating landing pages.


How do you create your own daily rituals?


First start with your desire.

Say for example your desire is to buy an apartment in the next 90 days to use solely for the purpose of AirBnB (Vacation rentals are huge here in New Orleans.)


Can you allocate an hour each day for Vacation Rental Creation.


Then begin to take the steps to creating your desire.


Here is where most women mess up. They anticipate failure so they never attempt to take the first step.


There’s a popular myth made popular by the tech world


Fail fast and fail often.

Meaning you have to test what works until you get it right.


But failure is such a charged word and fear of failure will keep even the best of us stuck, so planning for failure is probably not gonna make your panties wet. Am I right?


Instead of planning for failure, try embracing resilience.

It’s the one skill successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors have in common.

Your ability to bounce back is your best virtue. But you won’t need to bounce back if you don’t get in the game (insert your own Superbowl reference here.)


Monick and I just started a 7-part series breaking down the steps you need to take to get started on your property vision.


If you are a member of Wealth Builders you can access that video here.

Not a member? Wealth Builder’s is our awesome online community filled with all sorts of resources to get you started and educated about real estate investing.  And every month there will be new content all geared to get you successfully invested and making money in real estate. Click here to join.

Believing In Your Prosperity,


01 Mar 2017

3 Ways to Get Unstuck

Are You Stuck?

You know those times when you are in the flow and everything always works out for you?

Yeah me neither.

LOL. No actually I can experience months and even years of extreme alignment where: my intuition hums along at a clipped place, I do what I say I am going to do, and I cross desires off my lists left and right.

Times when I hit my targets and even if I don’t hit them exactly (sometimes I like to dream big), I am still satisfied with my wins.

But what happens when you aren’t in the flow?

Trust me it happens to the best of us. Yes, even me. 
I get disappointed. I’m sure you know the dulling effect of disappointment?

When everyday feels like you are wading in molasses.

When it feels like you are trying to go up on a down escalator or swim against the river currents.

Rule number 1 of Goddess Club.
What You Resist, Persists
I’ve identified 3 ways resistance makes women feel stuck.


“Natural” Resistance


Sometimes feeling or being stuck is just a product of natural resistance.

These are situations like: the contractor doesn’t finish a job on time, or your property doesn’t close when you expect.
Or to use an example of something in your personal life, you make a decision to not eat sweets today and somebody at the office walks in with a big plate of cupcakes.

Instances like this are simple physics and you just have to plan for them like engineers plan for wind resistance when building a race car.


 “Worthless” Resistance


This is the “I am not hot enough, smart enough, thin enough, rich enough, etc” dilemma. Feeling not good enough is about shame and ultimately shame is about fear of disconnection or not belonging. This feeling often goes away when I do some type of personal development like a yoga/ fitness challenge or a new personal development course. I stopped beating myself up years ago for my need to continuously recharge my well and spend money on courses and personal development books. I’ve found I go farther faster when I do my internal work and success often feels easier than if I do things by muscling through the resistance. You can watch more of that journey here!
 “Ignorant” Resistance


This one is my favorite because it is easy to remedy. This type of resistance happens when you don’t know what you don’t know and you get overwhelmed with your next steps. You know you are in this type of resistance when: you keep desiring to work with a mentor or a coach, or you keep scouring how-to books and videos, or you just want someone to tell you what to do.
How can you Overcome “Ignorant” Resistance? 



Identify where you are stuck? When you feel stuck you can often feel confused and unsure of your next steps.Start by acknowledging you are stuck and asking for clarity. Then listen, clarity can come in all forms.

Sometimes success will feel uncomfortable and foreign and you will find yourself making excuses to not act by saying things like “I need more clarity”, “I’m waiting on a sign”, or “It doesn’t feel like this is the right time”, or even “I can’t afford this right now”.

I know for a fact that if you want a new pair of shoes you will find a way to make it happen, so why is your success any different?


Here are two questions to ask yourself when making a decision in real estate, business, or life:

  • Is this in alignment with my values?
  • Will this bring me closer to my desire?


Trust me, you will make the same decision in 30 minutes that you would in 30 days. Save yourself time and momentum by making your decisions more quickly.


Here’s an exercise to help you get unstuck.

I’m stuck because _______________.
My #1 goal in real estate is ___________________.
I want to reach my goal by (put a specific date here) ___________________.
The decisions I need to make are _______________.
The mentor who’s going to move me forward powerfully is ____________.
Being in the flow feels amazing like falling in love with yourself all over again.
Why not give this exercise a try.

Post your results in the facebook group.

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14 Jan 2017

3 Powerful Lessons I Learned from My Real Estate Mentor

Last weekend I spent 4 days with my real estate mentors, Robert Helms and Russell Grey, the Real Estate Guys, working on my goals. We were at their 2017 Create Your Future Goals Retreat. I came with my husband and two older kids (21 and 17).

It was intense, somewhat confronting, and wonderful beyond belief.

Three things were really honed in for me during this weekend. As I watched Robert Helms, who is one of the most successful real estate developers and educators in this country, I received these three important lessons:

1. Spending time to get clear on your goals is of utmost importance.

Too many people “hope” things will work out and have some vague idea of what that means for them. They bop around praying the Universe will deliver something, anything they want. Or, more often, they just hope the shoe won’t drop off the other foot. Instead, we can help ourselves so much more by getting crystal-clear clarity and then setting off in that direction.

Even though Robert Helms, and all the very successful people in the room, are super busy. They all know they’re too busy NOT to take time for clarity and assessment.

2. The people you’re around contributes SO MUCH TO YOUR SUCCESS.

Your peer group shapes so much of your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Being around successful, optimistic people is one of the quickest ways to raise your vibration and increase your results.

That’s why my husband and I have invested A LOT this year (time and money-wise) to be around the most successful people we could find and real estate. The return on investment has been exponential. We went from having 1 rental door this time last year to over 1000 doors today! Wow!!! I am still pinching myself! I owe this in large part to being around people who are actually doing the deal.

3. Learn from the masters.

Learn from those who have taken the time and energy to hone their skills, craft, and knowledge so that you can collapse time frames, and avoid costly mistakes. Robert Helms and Russell Grey interview people every week that they say are smarter than them (at least in what they do). This contributes greatly to their fortunes and success.

I went to over 10!?! live seminars last year and did dozens more hours of online trainings. I don’t think I would have been able to do 1/10th of what I’ve accomplished without this training.

If building wealth through real estate is something you’re interested in. We have created something to help you gain clarity, be around incredible, accomplished women in real estate, and learn from masters in the real estate field.

It’s the Bad Ass Mastermind (BAM) and is for a select group of women who are ready to be bad ass real estate investors (or who are already bad ass, but wanting to take it to the next level).

If that resonates with you, fill out this brief application, and get ready for your most bad ass year yet!

Monick Halm is a real estate investor with over 11 years of investing experience in single family, multi-family, mobile home parks, flipping, and syndication. She is also a certified interior designer, Feng Shui expert, author, speaker, certified NLP and money coach, attorney, and co-founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses. Monick is passionate about real estate, design, and helping women to thrive.